How to write a simple 8 bar melody paguera

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How to Compose a Canon (or Round) [Easy Composition]

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Here’s a simple, free way about how to write music. We are going to use a piece of free software called MuseScore.

A Winning Formula for Grade V Composition (Instruments)

We are going to walk through a really simple 8-bar piece. We are going to build up layer by layer to a simple piece. Lets’ swap that Lead Guitar out for another instrument and create a couple of fragments to complement.


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Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s. Print and download in PDF or MIDI 8 bar Melody. My melody uses more conjunct than disjunct. Measures 1,2 and 5,6 have similar rhythm, showing they belong to a different phrase.

Measures 2 and 6 are immitations of the previous measure. There is a half candence at measure four and a perfect candence starting in measure 7 and ending in measure 8. The essential aim is to ensure that at various intervals during the song (such as the first beat of a bar, or the end of a musical phrase), the melody note 'lands' on one of the notes that is being played in the chord.

How to write a simple 8 bar melody paguera
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Seven Steps To Writing Memorable Melodies - Part 1