How to write a comic book series

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Okay, but did she just the multiple collaborating eyewitnesses?. Indy Comic Book, Graphic Novel, and Book Publishers Submission Guidelines. Some of the most interesting and creative comic books are being published by independent (indy) publishers.

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Anarky was a short-lived American comic book series published by DC Comics, as a limited series between May and August ofand as an ongoing series between May and December of It was written by Alan Grant, with pencils by Norm Breyfogle, and inks by Josef comic was a spin-off title derived from the Batman franchise, and followed the adventures of Anarky, an antagonist.

This article gives nine tips to writing a title that grips readers and sells your book. 1.

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Tell us enough about the book to make us want to read it. An unscripted series set in Smith's iconic comic shop Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash and captures the world of the neighborhood comic book store and fanboy culture. Comic Book Encyclopedia: The Ultimate Guide to Characters, Graphic Novels, Writers, and Artists in the Comic Book Universe [Ron Goulart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

A 4–colour, illustrated best–of–the–best of the comic book world – with. An unscripted series set in Smith's iconic comic shop Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash and captures the world of the neighborhood comic book store and fanboy culture.

How to write a comic book series
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