Git rewrite author of all commits

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Git Questions & Answers

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Git Questions & Answers

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6 Git Tools - Rewriting History

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Is there any way on GitHub to list all commits made by a single author, in the browser (neither locally, e.g. via git log, nor via the API)? Clicking on a user name in the list of commits (Commit. How to amend several commits in Git to change author.

Ask Question. Then to reset the author for all commits after the given SHA.

6 Git Tools - Rewriting History

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3 Git Basics - Viewing the Commit History

Git Tools - Rewriting you can decide that you didn’t mean to be working on something yet with git stash, and you can rewrite commits [ "$GIT_AUTHOR.

Changing the Git history of your repository using a script. We've created a script that will change any commits that previously had the old email address in its author or committer fields to use the correct name and email address.

git-filter-branch - Rewrite branches. GIT_AUTHOR_NAME This option instructs git-filter-branch to remove such commits if they have exactly one or zero non. Many times, when working with Git, you may want to revise your commit history for some reason.

One of the great things about Git is that it allows you to make decisions at the last possible moment. You can decide what files go into which commits right before you commit with the staging area, you can.

Git rewrite author of all commits
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